Who we are

Clare Cady 
Managing Editor, Senior Writer, & Staff Photographer

Clare grew up planting veggies and doing crafty projects with her family in the green hills of central New York.   Clare seeks to combine her strengths with her commitment to sustainability - creative problem-solving, strong communication, and a willingness to take risks.  These things in combination led Clare to start the Semi-Urban Homesteader project.  She hopes that this blog marks the start of a community of like-minded people who see sustainability as achievable even to those who wear suits, live in cities (or big towns...hey, small towns too), and may not be the farmers of the future (they can be if they want to though...).  In Clare's day job she serves as the Human Services Resource Coordinator at Oregon State University.  In her night job she is a guitar-playing, bread-baking, wine-tasting, yogi who loves cycling, hiking, and shopping for pretty clothes.  She also serves as at staff writer for Westtoast.com

 Jason Pronovost
Field Correspondent & Permaculture Consultant

Jason grew up in the most suburban of suburbs in the metro Boston area.  After spending a number of years in rural Utah, Jason decided to return to civilization in an effort to bridge the gap between modern America and the natural world.  Jason's dream is to start an experiential learning center that shows people how to live harmoniously with the earth in a contemporary way.  Jason has been in the field of education for over six years, working with children as young as 6 and and old as 106, but his passion is to help teenagers develop a sense of self and a connectivity to the world around them.  He has worked professionally as a natural builder (his cob walls are divine), and recently completed a 6 month internship at the Regenerative Design Institute.  He is launching his new project Whole Earth Homes this fall and winter, and will be traveling the wilds helping people build cob and straw bale structures.  Jason brews a mean IPA, jams out on the guitar, and is a no-so-closeted sci-fi/fantasy geek.