Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love on the Week of Valentines

So apparently we here at Semi-Urban Homesteader (read - Jason and myself), were not able to get our acts together for a Valentine's Day posting...BUT we decided that a continuation of the love was totally appropriate. Who does not love the extension of their birthday through belated cards and gifts?

We wanted to highlight the business and places we LOVE because of their commitment to sustainability/permaculture and their outright coolness.

Afton Field Farm
Cob Cottage Company
Community Rebuilds
Corvallis Brewing Supply
Corvallis-Albany Farmers' Markets
Earthwork with Frank Grinrod
First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op
House Alive
Lost Valley Education Center
Moonflower Market
Natural Building Network
Ojai Foundation
ReBuilding Center
Sol Food Farms
Toby Hemenway
White Oak Farm and Education Center
Wilderness Awareness School
Youth Garden Project

If you have places you love, please post the links in the comments section!

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