Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Enjoying Summer Herb(s)

Oh I totally lucked out!  Just wanted to boast a bit about my good fortune.  Two people in my life - my former neighbor Michelle, and Jason - gave me a large amount of delicious herbs that I dried over the past few weeks.  I have lemon balm, kaffir lime, rosemary, spearmint, oregano, lemon thyme, and spearmint.  

I started drying the herbs by being all fancy - I tied them in small bundles and tacked them to my bulletin board.  Sadly I ran out of string (I'd used it all making pea trellises and candle wicks).  So, I ended up just setting them in paper bags by my sliding glass window in the sun.  They dried up very nicely.

Though I am ok with some stems in my tea, I aimed for getting mostly leaves crushed up and into the jars.  I did so by rolling the bundles in my hands over newspaper on my kitchen floor.  It made quite a mess, but it I got a ton of product.  Well...not oregano.  That went straight into dinner.

Be sure to store your herbs in dry containers so they won't mold.  You have to make sure they are DRY before you do that.  My herbs sat out for 3 weeks before I put them up.  They look really pretty don't they?

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