Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mommy, mommy, tired and groggy, how does your garden grow?

Not very well apparently: 

Now, to be fair, I have been busy since I last posted; more so than the average bear. And, we did manage to harvest quite a lot between then and now. We had a small crop of broccoli and an even smaller crop of carrots. We had plenty of sugar snaps to munch on and two meals worth of green beans came off the vine.

None-the-less, I am embarrassed by the state of my garden, overrun with weeds and an overall eye sore in the back yard. I share these photos with you on the unspoken promise that you quit giving yourself a hard time about the state of your garden- and a sisterly acknowledgement on how easy the rest of life gets in the way of our best intentions. 


It is the land of nightshade, and I am the Queen!! What once stood a glorious 5 feet high, my monstrous plants have now buckled under their own weight. I am easily harvesting 50 tomatoes a week.

Picking them is a family affair, but eating them is not. My husband, sadly will not eat tomatoes. As you can see, our daughter does not share his distaste. The evening of these photos, she ate tomatoes for dinner.

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